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創作意欲に燃えいつも前向きなタミコ(1929年生れ)の思いに応えられればと、次女ひろみが2016年、サンフランシスコ在住の姉ユリ(ジュエリー作家)も加わり、母の名を冠したモノづくりブランド”タミーズ”を立ち上げる。最初はヘルプのつもりが次第にひろみもフェルトの魅力にはまり、2019年頃には3人がそれぞれフェルト作家として活動を本格化する。民子91歳(2020年現在)、元気な日とそうでない日、いろいろになったが、オーダーが来ればお客様に喜んでいただきたい一心で少しでも手を動かして、少しづつ作業を進める。あまりに負担になりそうな時は娘がバトンタッチして完成させていく。コロナ禍で世界が激変しても、何も変わらない事がある。それは我々の作品に目を留めていただいた奇跡に感謝して心を込めて歓喜に満ちて手を動かす。タミーズは元々人の役に立ちたいという家族のぶれない思いではじまった。その思いは東日本大震災・動物保護団体・世界的平和団体(SGI)への毎年の寄付に表れている。   June 2021


We are not just making pet portraits. We transform your memories with your love ones into portraits.

Tammy's is run by a family (Tamiko and two of her daughters) who all graduated from the same art university - Musashino Art University - .

We make  customized needle felted pet portraits  from photos.  Also, we make sustainable personal accessories from used fabrics such as scarves or antique kimono etc.  

Workshops are held occasionally too.

【How we start and our principles】

 In March 2011, when The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, we faced sincerely how we support people who suffer from disaster.    

Tamiko and Yuri took an action to donate proceeds from sales of their hand-made products. However, it wasn't easy.

In 2016, Hiromi who is a long time designer working at several companies such as MoMA Design Store (2003-2021) finally determined to help them to start up the online family business - Tammy -  integrating each one's talents. 

Since then, we enjoy working together to response customers orders and whishes.  Tamiko became 91-year old now. When Tamiko doesn't feel well, her daughter covers for her to complete the orders.

We appreciate all of you who found us among so many great shops and talented artists in the world. Therefore, we work hard to make your products with a lot of love and appreciation.

Whatever happens like COVID-19, our principles  is -  do something for people and society - won't change until we complete our missions.

*Part of the sales have been donating to pacifist organization (SGI) and victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.   

June 2021 


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