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基本料金 (1体)

半立体(Relief)仕上げ       30,000円~ 
立体(3D)仕上げ      100,000円~ *受付休止中




Basic Price (One Animal)

Relief  up to 30,000 yen  (Framing included)

3D    up to 100,000 yen (commission is currently closed)

We believe the "Basic Price" art works give you satisfaction.  However there are many options available to make it one of a kind pieces. Please refer separated presentation sheets to see what are available and how these look different. 

-size: Length between head to end of body approx. 20cm


Additional Fees

- Long, Shiny or Curly Coat, Complicated Coat Pattern like Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles,  Persian Cats, Tabby Cats, White Coat : +1,000 yen and above 

- Lack of photo data,  Low Resolution etc. + 2000 yen and above  

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