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We do not believe that we are making only cats and dogs exactly like them. We believe that we are helping to give form to the deep, joyful, and slightly sad "feelings" between humans and their cats and dogs.


Tami's is the creative work of a family of three artists who graduated from Musashino Art University. They create unique wool felt portraits by listening to customers' requests and making full use of the skills they have cultivated over the years.


In addition to pet portraits, we also make sustainable remade accessories, import and sell eco-friendly wool felt, and occationaly conduct workshops.


[Story of beginnings and beliefs]

In 2016, Hiromi, the second daughter of Tamiko (born in 1929), joined her sister Yuri (a jewelry artist), who lives in San Francisco, to launch "Tami's," a manufacturing brand named after her mother, in order to respond to Tamiko's creative and positive attitude. At first, Hiromi was just trying to help out, but she gradually became more and more involved. At first, Hiromi was just helping out, but gradually she too fell in love with felting, and by 2019, the three of them will be fully engaged in their own activities as felt artists. Tamiko is 94 years old (as of 2024), and her days are sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but when an order comes in, she works a little bit at a time, moving her hands with the single-minded desire to please her customers. When it seems to be too much work, my daughter takes over and completes the work. Even though the world has changed drastically due to the Corona disaster, there is one thing that has not changed. It is to be grateful and pleased for the miracle that someone has taken notice of our work,

We move our hands with all our hearts and with joy. Tami's was originally started by a family's unwavering desire to help people. This desire is reflected in the donations to disaster-stricken areas and animal shelters.  

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